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All About Karim Turbez

With more than 15 years in the animation industry and fluent in 4 languages ( french, english, japanese and chinese) Karim Turbez has been working as an animated film director and an art director for different companies in Asia where he lived for more than 20 years. 

Here are some of his major work.

  • Director of the TV series “SUPERBUILDERS” (3D animation) Benlai pictures, shanghai. 

  • Head of  the audiovisual production and development at Ellipsanime, Dargaud media, Shanghai.  

  • Creative Director at Next Animation Studio, Taiwan.  

  • Director of the pilot (3D animation) "SUPERBUILDERS", Benlai pictures, Shanghai.  

  • Visual effects supervisor on the Taiwanese film "Battle Up!".  

  • Art director and narration supervisor on the 200-episode series "MAD BOX ZOMBIE" (3D animation), Next animation Studio Taiwan and Next Media Japan.  

  • Assistant director on the Japanese animated film "YAHABEE" created by Hiroyuki Takei, produced by Next Animation Studio.  

  • Director of the series "Sharp daily" (3D animation), NEXT ANIMATION STUDIO, more than 120 episodes.

  • director and producer at Next Media Animation, Taiwan, Hong Kong.  

  • Director and screenwriter on the film "AIRA" (3D animation) produced by Ento Animation, Taiwan.  

  • narrative concept developer for the "GARB'AGE" series, F Rhythm.  Taiwan 

  • 3D modeler for the movie “MEMORY LOSS” F Rhythm.  Taiwan. 

  • 3D animator for the animated film "STAR SHOW" F Rhythm.  Taiwan.  

  • 3D Modeler and 3D Animator for the “SAMI YAM” F Rhythm Series.  Taiwan.  

  • Creation and production of the short 3D animated film "LOST" 

  • Illustrator. 

Feel free to contact me if you need anything.

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